Good Guy with a Gun Saves Police Officer’s Life

Another day, another good guy with a gun to the rescue. This time in Arizona, where a police officer responding to an accident was targeted by a total maniac. Via Bearing Arms:

Evidence now suggests that the trooper was responding to the incident when an unknown party shot him, then attempted to continue his attack. A Good Samaritan stopped, got his gun from his vehicle when the man wouldn’t stop attacking the trooper, and shot the suspect dead.

The trooper is now in stable condition.

The woman ejected in the roll-over crash died of her injuries.

Evidence coming in now is suggesting that the man who attacked the trooper had been shooting at other vehicles prior to the woman crashing, suggesting the deceased suspect may have taken her life before he attacked the DPS trooper.

According to DPS Col. Frank Milstead, a citizen called to report that their vehicle was shot at from the median near milepost 81 on Interstate 10.

A trooper in the area left another traffic stop nearby to investigate the call when he came upon a rollover crash near milepost 89. He saw a woman who had been ejected from the crash and began working to block lanes.

It is not known how many vehicles the suspect shot at before the wreck and shooting the officer. It’s quite possible that if the suspect had managed to kill the trooper, he would have resumed his prior position and ambushed other first responders coming to the scene, as the trooper was not able to send out a warning.

There you have it. It’s quite possible that this armed citizen prevented a mass shooting. Thank God for American gun owners.


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