HAHAHAHA – Pelosi Caught on Hot Mic (VIDEO)

During a Monday night protest at the U.S. Supreme Court, Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was accidentally caught on a hot mic—coaching one of her congressional colleagues how to play liberal identity politics.

A video released by C-SPAN shows Rep. Andre Carson (D-Indiana) speaking at the podium, with Pelosi standing over his shoulder.

“Greetings from the great state of Indiana,” Carson began. “I’m Congressman Andre Carson.”

When he stopped to allow time for the crowd to applaud, Pelosi could be heard over the cheering, captured on microphone, muttering to her colleague: “Tell them you’re a Muslim, tell them you’re a Muslim.”

After getting the prompting from Pelosi, Carson told the crowd: “I also happen to be a Muslim.”

The liberal left loves their identity politics and token diversity—but it’s not often that the American public gets to see the shallow scheming behind it. How, for an accomplished Congressman like Andre Carson, the first thing out of his mouth should be his liberal-friendly demographic.


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