Hillary Hatchetman Spreads Vicious Trump Smear (VIDEO)

Sidney Blumenthal is back in the news. The longtime Clinton aide who was deemed too shady for the Obama White House. What’s he up to now? As per usual, something disgusting. 

Blumenthal is circulating an ad that he says is from Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump’s, mayoral campaign. It’s meant to suggest that Trump’s late father was a racist.  As the Daily Caller notes:

In his article, Blumenthal asserted that Fred Trump mounted a mayoral bid to unseat John Lindsay because the liberal Republican was blocking a Coney Island real estate deal that the mogul was backing. Trump’s strategy was to stoke racialized fear in New York’s white population, wrote Blumenthal, a former Bill Clinton White House aide.

Blumenthal wrote:

He made two test television commercials. One of them, called ‘Dope Man’, featured a drug-addled black youth wandering the streets. ‘With four more years of John Lindsay,’ the narrator intoned, ‘he will be coming to your neighbourhood soon.’ The ad flashed to the anxious faces of two well-dressed white women. ‘Vote for Fred Trump. He’s for us.’ The other commercial, ‘Real New Yorkers’, showed scenes of ‘real’ people from across the city, all of them white. Fred Trump, the narrator said, ‘is a real New Yorker too’. In the end he didn’t run, but his campaign themes were bequeathed to his son.

But there’s no evidence that Trump ever made that ad. And as a New York Daily News reporter noted on Twitter in response to Mother Jones reporter David Corn, there’s also no evidence that Trump ever considered running for New York mayor.

There’s no telling what sort of traction this false story will get on Facebook, but we’re willing to bet it gets far more than the retraction. Although it probably won’t do any good, make sure you tell your liberal friends that this, like most of these hastily put together “Trump is a racist” narrative forwarding stories, is a bunch of bunk. 


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