Hillary’s Lapdog Makes Loony Claim

This is rich. Former conservative turned Clinton lapdog David Brock recently left his job at a liberal interest group and is now spending his time doing what he loves best: shamelessly shilling for Hillary Clinton. 

Brock, a man who was called “crazy” by Hillary campaign chair John Podesta in emails discovered by Wikileaks, seems to be setting out to prove it. This week he claimed that execs at MSNBC, the liberal television network for people who don’t watch television, are in the tank for Donald Trump. Yeah, seriously:

In an interview with Politico published Tuesday, Brock said there’s a new need for “alternative media” because journalism as it is now will be “weaker” under Trump’s coming presidency.

“MSNBC is under pressure from [parent network] NBC to toe a Trump line and we need some alternative media out there,” said Brock. “I know that there are hosts at MSNBC now who feel their jobs are at risk because the brass is for Trump.”

Asked if he has heard that directly from a host at MSNBC, Brock said, “One has, yeah. And I’ve heard of others.”

This is ludicrous. It’s true that “Morning Joe” spent the entire primary trying to climb up Donald Trump’s rear, but he spent the rest of the election attacking the Donald in hopes of reclaiming his “Beltway bona fide” status. The rest of the network is staffed with people who believe that Donald Trump is “literally Hitler.” It stands to reason that network execs who want to curry favor with Trump wouldn’t staff a network with people who think he’s going to make Nazi Germany great again.

Here’s a more likely explanation. MSNBC is a news network that, like many other news networks, completely missed Donald Trump’s improbable victory. It’s low rated and it’s out of touch with the American public. Perhaps news execs, whose primary concern is making money by delivering large numbers of viewers to their advertising partners thought it might be a good idea to restaff their network with people who are not to the left of Bernie Sanders. 

It’s that, or it’s that the most liberal network on mainstream cable is in the tank for Trump. Which scenario sounds more plausible?


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