Hillary’s Still Trying to Steal the Election. How These Conservatives are Trying to Stop Her

Remember when liberals were worried about Trump not accepting the results of the election? When they were fretting about calls for a recount or allegations that the election was rigged shaking the foundations of American democracy. It wasn’t all that long ago, but since their candidate lost, they’ve done a complete 180. Liberal loon Jill Stein has been leading a multi-million dollar effort to demand recounts in almost every state Hillary Clinton thinks she was supposed to win. Last week, the Clinton camp announced they would join in the recount effort. 

Conservatives aren’t taking this lying down. Great America PAC, a political action committee supporting Donald Trump, is filing suit to end this nonsense charade:

Great America PAC filed a federal lawsuit in Wisconsin to stop the presidential vote recount by Green Party US candidate Jill Stein. Eric Beach, Co-Chairman of Great America PAC, stated, “Jill Stein is clearly not entitled under statute to a recount and for the State Board to allow it would be a massive waste of taxpayer resources in violation of the plain reading of the statute – Wisconsinites shouldn’t pay millions to line Jill Stein’s pockets.” 

The lawsuit argues that Wisconsin law for recounts is unconstitutional because it fails the Supreme Court’s test for Equal Protection in the recount process established in Bush v Gore, because the State Board itself has expressed doubt it could complete the process in time, and because doing so could deny Wisconsin voters their vote in the Electoral College.  The Federal suit seeks a temporary injunction to protect Wisconsin and the integrity of the Election. 

President-elect Donald Trump rebuked the proposed recount as “a way for Jill Stein, who received less than one percent of the vote overall and wasn’t even on the ballot in many states, to fill her coffers with money.” Hillary Clinton, who conceded the election to Trump, and urged her supporters to “accept the result and look to the future,” joined Stein’s recount efforts. 

The proposed recount has critics on both ends of the political spectrum. Stein’s own party and running mate have distanced themselves from her recount efforts, and Republican officials blasted Stein for potentially forcing Wisconsin taxpayers to front $3.5 million for a process that likely will not change the outcome of the election. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker took to Twitter pointing out it is “hard to justify” an election recount to taxpayers.


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