House Intel Chair On Whether or Not Russia Interfered in the Election

Democrats, and some conservative hawks, have been pushing the likely farce that Russia interfered “in our election.” It creates an air of illegitimacy around Donald Trump, and excuses Hillary Clinton’s spectacular failure. 

At issue is: Did Russia hack the DNC? It’s highly likely. But as to the former question, House Intel Chair Devin Nunes had this to say:

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes told The Washington Examiner he has not seen any evidence that Russia tried to help President-elect Donald Trump win the election.

The California Republican, who has access to sensitive material, did not rule it out, however, nor did he claim that Moscow was not behind the hacking.

Indeed, he said the Russians are very sophisticated in the sort of computer hacking needed to breach government systems and carries out this type of espionage on an ongoing basis.

“This is something that Hillary Clinton knew damn well when she set up her private server, that the Russians could have the capability to get into there,” he said.

Nunes is absolutely right. No one seems to be openly alleging that Russia interfered with the voting machines, or that they skewed the results in some way. No one is credibly alleging that Russia fabricated the contents of these emails, and there’s no evidence suggesting otherwise.

So what these complaints actually amount to is Team Hillary screaming: “Hey! You guys told the truth about what we said in our emails!”

People seem more concerned about this silly argument than the naked corruption revealed by those emails; than the cozy relationships those emails revealed, the pay for play, or the naked efforts to fix the primary so that Hillary Clinton could win.

We hope the media moves on from this ridiculous story. The rest of America has.


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