Kellyanne Conway Just OBLITERATED Hillary’s Campaign Manager

Here’s Kellyanne Conway. doing an election postmortem with Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook. Here the moderator brings up the media’s silly “fake news” narrative. As the Daily Caller reports, she absolutely cleans Mook’s clock:

“We cannot have foreign aggressors, I would argue, intervening in our elections,” he continued. “We know the Russians were propagating fake news through Facebook and other outlets.”

Mook argued that sites like Breitbart peddled stories that “reinforced sexist, racist, anti-Semitic notions in people” and “shouldn’t be part of the public discourse.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper gave Conway an opportunity to respond, which she graciously accepted.

“I think the biggest fake news in this election was was that Donald Trump couldn’t win.”

Here’s the truth. The American people didn’t trust Hillary Clinton, with good reason, and they disliked the political establishment she represented. Donald Trump benefited, in part because Kellyanne Conway was able to get Trump to focus on these scandals, and pitch an economic message that resonated with the American people. 

Meanwhile, the “legitimate news media” was so willfully blind to how powerful that message was because they are completely disconnected from the average American. Because their close coordination with the Clinton campaign, liberal bias, and Acela focus is off-putting to many Americans, who would rather read sites that are honest about their ideological bias. 


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