Liberal Media Hides the Truth About Hate Crime

The liberal media has gone out of its way to hide the truth about the horrible hate crime in Chicago. As the Daily Caller reports, the New York Times is no exception. Here’s how they framed four black teenagers binding, beating, and cutting a mentally disabled white teenager while screaming “F–k Donald Trump! F–k white people!”:

Three 18-year-olds and one 24-year-old were arrested last Wednesday for kidnapping and torturing 18-year-old Austin Hilbourn. They broadcast the torture, which included cutting Hilbourn and making the disabled man drink toilet water, on Facebook Live. The broadcast included them shouting “fuck white people” and “fuck Donald Trump.”

If you read The New York Times’ editorial board’s story on “This Week in Hate” you wouldn’t have had a clue about what actually occurred. The story said: “Four people have been charged with a hate crime, among other charges, in the beating in Chicago of a teenager with mental disabilities, which was broadcast on Facebook Live on January 3. The video shows one of the suspects shouting about Donald Trump and ‘white people.’”

The races are ambiguous and the editorial board didn’t detail whether the suspects supported Trump and white people or not. The reader is just informed that a teenager with mental disabilities was beaten on camera.

They’re not the only ones. As our good friend Tim Young noted, CBS News made it sound like this was a hate crime perpetrated by white Trump supporters:


Note the CBS approach.

“The assault had racial overtones.” Correct. The victim is described as a “mentally challenged teenager.”

Sure, fine we suppose, but since we’re talking about an assault with “racial overtones,” it might be important to include the victim’s race. Right? Perhaps a minor oversight.

“In the video he is choked, and repeatedly called the n-word. His clothes are slashed and he is terrorized with a knife. His alleged captors repeatedly reference Donald Trump”

The CBS report is disingenuous fake news at its worst. The lede is that this is a hate crime, and the victims race is never mentioned once. The listener is left to infer the victim’s race from the reporter’s description. All we learn is that there was a victim of a hate crime who was called the n-word while the his alleged, raceless captors repeatedly “referenced” Donald Trump. 

This isn’t about informing the public, it’s about spreading the false narrative that the election of Donald Trump has ushered in a wave of hate crimes. As Bill McMorris notes at the Free Beacon, the mainstream media has been absolutely obsessed with pushing this false narrative, while failing to follow up when crime after crime is shown to be a hoax.

Fake news indeed.




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