Liberals Destroy DC (SHOCKING VIDEO)

As thousands of Americans gathered in Washington D.C. in anticipation of Donald Trump’s inaugural parade, roving gangs of hard-left activists did everything in their power to sabotage the President, throwing debris in the streets, damaging public property, and attempting to provoke Washington D.C. police. 

As Trump spoke about Americans of all colors and creeds coming together, liberal extremists who have accused Trump of being a fascist, with absolutely no sense of irony, waged a campaign of protest and intimidation against anyone who disagreed with them. Some highlights:


This is a ratcheting up of the violence we saw visited upon Trump supporters at his California ralllies. So far, the same news media that’s asked Republicans to answer for any and all incidences of gun violence over the last decade have not asked the likes of Bernie Sanders to apologize for the actions of his supporters. 


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