Liberals Mock Shooting Death of Conservative Columnist

The liberal left discovered they do like shooting deaths—but only when it kills prominent conservatives.

Michael D. Harmon, a conservative columnist who wrote for the Portland Press Herald for more than 40 years, died last week. He had been showing a handgun to a teenage guest—and as the teenager handled the gun, it accidentally discharged, striking Harmon.

But Harmon was an ardent defender of the Second Amendment—and, as reported by Heat Street, liberals wasted no time in gleefully celebrating his death on social media and mocking Harmon for his stance on gun rights.

One liberal cheered on Facebook: “Accidental, but not a tragedy. Just more collateral damage. We lost nothing. Never ask me to feel bad for a gun freak getting killed by his own gun.”

Another person, identified only as Ken, commented on an article about Harmon’s death: “Irony much?”

Yet another Facebook commenter said that it was “always nice to read a genuinely uplifting story,” like the story of Harmon’s death.

On Twitter, one user wrote, “How sad. But not really.” Another added, “Gun rights advocate killed in gun accident. Whoopsie.”
Harmon was called a “hateful bastard,” and deserving of his death. One user even suggested he be nominated for a “Darwin Award”—a fake internet award that’s given out for stupid actions that cause death or injury.

Liberals, who spent much of 2016 up in arms about shootings, might do well to learn compassion for all people—not just those that further a liberal narrative.


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