Limo Torched in anti-Trump Riot Belonged to Muslim Immigrant…and Now He’s Broke

When anti-Trump rioters stormed downtown DC, they set a limo on fire.

Little did they know, the limo was owned by a Muslim immigrant—who is now worried that his company won’t be able to afford to replace it.

Muhammad Ashraf, who owns Nationwide Chauffeur Services, gave an interview with Red Alert Politics—where he talked about Donald Trump, and how the riots had affected his livelihood.”

“I did not agree with many of the things Trump said,” explained Ashraf. “But that still does not give me the right to go and affect someone’s livelihood.”

According to Ashraf, one of his drivers, Luis Villarroel, was dropping off a client in downtown Washington, DC, when the protest materialized around them. Rioters were smashing the windows of local businesses and overturning public trashcans—and soon set their sights on Villarroel and the limo.

Ashraf explained that people began pounding on the car, and throwing bricks and rocks at the car. VIllarroel wound up in the hospital, after being injured from glass and projectiles.

The car, of course, wound up on national news—after being torched by rioters.

Ashraf said that, because of the loss of the vehicle, his company now has to find a way to cover the $70,000 car payment—since it’s unlikely that insurance covers riots—as well as medical bills for the driver.


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