New Reports Reveal Crooked Hillary’s Total Campaign Incompetence

Now that recount efforts are falling apart, or, well, aiding Donald Trump, who gained 162 votes in Wisconsin recounts, the Clinton camp is shifting gears: They’re jumping ship, leaking the worst sort of inside stuff about America’s worst ever presidential campaign. 

The first leak? Details about Hillary’s stunning failure in Michigan, a solid blue state that surprisingly fell to Trump on Election Day. As the Daily Caller’s Rachel Stoltzfoos notes:

The Hillary Clinton campaign repeatedly dismissed the concerns of its own operatives on the ground in Michigan, belittling their work and ignoring warnings that she might lose the state.

The staffers based at headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, explicitly ordered operatives in Michigan not to build a voter turnout tracking system, saying they didn’t care about those numbers because their own data showed her winning by 5 points. Perhaps more importantly, they dismissed in-person voter outreach efforts and distributing literature as a waste of time, and discouraged the collection of information from what contact volunteers did make with voters.

“Operatives watched packets of real-time voter information piled up in bins at the coordinated campaign headquarters. The sheets were updated only when they got ripped, or soaked with coffee. Existing packets with notes from the volunteers, including highlighting how much Trump inclination there was among some of the white male union members the Clinton campaign was sure would be with her, were tossed in the garbage,” Politico reports.Clinton’s arrogant mindset apparently caused the campaign to miss key voter trends, such as the loss of white union members to Donald Trump in states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania. On the morning of Election Day, the campaign was so confident of a Clinton victory, staffers began drinking in the afternoon and making phone calls to potential transition team picks.

It gets worse: According to Politico, the Clinton camp told the SEIU: the powerful Democratic interest group that’s been so effective in pushing party prerogatives in deep blue states before- to stay in Iowa, where Trump was running roughshod over Hillary- as a ruse to get the GOP to waste resources there. Brooklyn knew better. 

This arrogance, a hilarious example of top-down liberal planning grounded in hubris and data producing disastrous unintended consequences, would come to infect Hillary’s entire campaign. As Rare’s Matt Purple notes:

This arrogance was the single greatest cause of Clinton’s loss, but there was another. There exists among many liberals, most prominently at so-called wonk websites like, an unshakeable belief in the healing power of empiricism. Poverty can be eradicated, the health care system can be made equitable, if only we marshal enough data to our cause. That poverty is still very much with us and Obamacare is crumbling tends to undermine this thesis; nevertheless, there it was at Clinton headquarters. Per Politico, staffers shrugged off Michigan altogether on the basis of poll data. Volunteers were refused lawn signs because such materials were not “scientifically” effective. Door-knocking and other forms of in-person persuasion were eschewed in the name of almighty statistics.

It was the same mindset that led the calculator-pecking pencil-necks at the Huffington Post to conclude that Trump had a 2 percent chance of winning the election (even the estimable Nate Silver only put Trump’s odds at 35 percent). Elevate polls to the level of gospel truth and you had to assume Trump was cooked. Those who called this election correctly, chief among them Michael Moore, did so because they actually traveled to the Upper Midwest and gathered—perish the thought!—anecdotes from voters (gnash those teeth, Voxers!) that led them to believe Trump was going to win. They also panned the camera outwards and analyzed the national mood, one of working-class fury and angst, similar to that which precipitated the shock Brexit vote in Great Britain.

Those sentiments can’t be graphed on flow charts, but they are rather important if you’re trying to win an election. Checking your boundless arrogance helps, too.





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