Reagan Speechwriter Has Sage Advice for Trump GOP Critics

Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, a former Ronald Reagan speechwriter, said it’s time for Donald Trump’s Republican critics to put aside their grudges and help the president elect.

In an op-ed published Thursday night, Noonan said the Republicans who either shunned Trump throughout his unlikely campaign or actively worked against his candidacy should now work to make him a success.

“[T]here are former officials and true experts with esteemed backgrounds who need to be told: Help him,” she wrote. “They wouldn’t advise him during the campaign because of the stigma he carried as a barbarian and likely loser. It might damage their stature. Better to watch him go down to defeat and continue their career as big brains in exile. But that’s over.”

She said the Trump administration would be smart to welcome old Washington hands, given Trump’s inexperience in politics.

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