Rogue State Department Defies Trump, Making You Less Safe

State Department bureaucrats are openly defying President Donald Trump’s expected ban on Middle Eastern refugees—by bringing in over a thousand new refugees this week alone.

Since Tuesday, when reports first indicated that the Trump Administration would announce forthcoming temporary ban on Middle Eastern refugees, top State Department officials—many of whom were holdovers from the Obama presidency—took matters into their own hands. They brought a total of 1,613 new refugees to the United States—including 575 on Tuesday, 512 on Wednesday, and 526 on Thursday.

Trump had long promised a temporary ban on refugees from some Middle Eastern and African nations that are hostile to the United States. But reports indicate his forthcoming executive order would four-month temporary ban on new refugees from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Iran, and Iraq.

Of the refugees who arrived in the United States on Thursday, nearly half were from those seven countries.

However, the State Department’s rogue actions may have come to an end: on Thursday morning, the media reported that a number of top brass from the State Department had been fired by President Trump. It’s not clear as to whether those firings were related to their defiance of Trump’s expected refugee ban.

The Trump Administration has not yet announced when Trump would sign his executive order.


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