Shady Liberals Tried To Sabotage CPAC. Here’s How

Liberals have been trying their best to disrupt CPAC. First there was this pathetic display:


That was sad and uninspiring, so then they got a little more creative. As the Daily Caller reports:

A left-wing political operative with a history of shady activities was kicked out of CPAC on Friday after he distributed Russian flags to audience members ahead of President Trump’s speech there.

Some news outlets reported that CPAC attendees were waving the flags as if they were pro-Russia.

But the reports left out the fact that a veteran political hatchet man named Ryan Clayton actually distributed the flags, which bore the name “Trump” on them.

Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe first pointed out on social media that Clayton distributed the flags. The Daily Mail’s David Martosko confirmed that CPAC removed him from the venue.


For people who spend a ton of time prattling on about fake news, liberals sure seem intent on making it. 



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