She Bucked Her Party to Meet with Trump. Now This Veteran Congresswoman is Telling the Truth About Syria (VIDEO)

Tulsi Gabbard is a true maverick.

She’s the rare young Democrat who served in the United States Army, and was deployed to Iraq. When she realized the Democratic primary was nothing more than a coronation process for Crooked Hillary Clinton, she stepped down from the DNC and endorsed Bernie Sanders. When Donald Trump was elected, she crossed party lines to meet with him and counsel him on foreign policy. She believes that it’s important that we call the threat what it is: Radical Islam. Although she’s no conservative, but she has a demonstrated record of putting her country, and democracy, ahead of party loyalty.

Liberals hate her for it.

Gabbard and Trump have a common enemy: Specifically, the foreign policy establishment that’s waging war on Trump. These folks are also demanding that the United States arm so called “moderate” Syrian rebels. In the interest of learning more, Gabbard traveled to Syria to find out the truth. Now she’s back, and she’s telling the truth about what’s going on there, and why she met with Trump:

My goal in going there was to speak specifically about the situation in Syria. The dangerous consequences of escalating the regime change war that the United States is fueling there, along with countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey…and urging him to change our regime change war there to stop funding both directly and indirectly groups that are working with Al Qaeda and ISIS, and to stop funnelling those dollars and weapons and other assistance through these other countries like Saudi Arabia who are DIRECTLY supporting these terrorist groups who are supposed to be our enemies. 

Gabbard isn’t wrong. You don’t have to believe that Bashar Al Assad is a good guy to question the wisdom of our involvement in Syria, especially when it’s clear that we may be laying the seeds of our own destruction. There are numerous reports that the United States is funding organizations linked to Al Qaeda. There are reports that militias funded by the CIA are fighting militias funded by the Pentagon.  It is absolutely clear that American intelligence agencies are operating in a rogue fashion with no clear, unified mission or agreed upon desired outcome. This is the sort of short term thinking that turned Libya into a terrorist training camp.

Gabbard has reached across the aisle to take action on this matter. She’s introduced, with cosponsors Thomas Massie and Dana Rohrbacher, legislation that would prevent the United States from providing funding for programs that would arm Syrian rebels linked with Al Qaeda. We hope they’re successful. As President Trump on the campaign trail:

“The rebel group we have no idea … I was talking to a general two days ago, he said: ‘We have no idea who these people are.’ We are training people, we don’t know who they are. We are giving them billions of dollars to fight Assad,” “We are fighting Assad and fighting for people, helping people …we even don’t understand who they are. And they may be worse than Assad. They may be worse.” 

Republican or Democrat, we can appreciate the wisdom of politicians who refuse to play with fire when it might put innocent American lives at stake. 



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