SHOCKING VIDEO: Radical Muslims are Waging a Holy War in the Open. Here’s the Evidence

Radical Muslims are waging a holy war every single day in Europe. 

And they’re winning. Here’s a few startling images that illustrate how European society is absolutely rolling over for radical Islam,

Great Britain

Check it out. Does this look like Charles Dickens London to you?


These people left some third world hellhole to come to Britain. Upon their arrival, they demand the British government adopt the prehistoric values that created said hellhole. 


Is there any one side by side that’s a better representation of the moral bankruptcy of secular Europe? I submit there is not.

Last week, a Swedish police officer who spoke out about migrant crime was charged with a hate crime. So while their country is overrun by migrants who are hostile to their open society, the Swedish government busies itself virtue signaling the liberal media and kowtowing to savages.


France has been overwhelmed by terrorism. Whether it’s mass shootings or radical Islamists behind a truck, it’s clear their society is under seige. So they’ve decided to build a wall. 

No, not a new take on the Maginot Line. Not a sea wall to stop North African emigrants. A big clear glass surrender wall around the Eiffel Tower:

They’re even offering to pay migrants to leave.  Radical Islamists have waged open war in their country for the last five years, and the French response is to ask them nicely and behave as if terrorism is just something they’re going to have to deal with for the foreseeable future.

We like to say that liberalism is a mental disorder. In Europe, they’ve reached the rubber room phase of things. 


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