The Mainstream Media Says Trump is Dangerous, But This Outlet is Defending Terrorists

Just when you thought the mainstream media had fallen off a cliff of liberal thought, the New York Times has published numerous passionate editorials—defending and praising a brutal terrorist group.

The group in question? The Muslim Brotherhood—a violent terrorist group that briefly took power in Egypt after the “Arab Spring” protests in 2011 (but has since since deposed by the military.)

The group has already been declared a terrorist organization by a number of countries—including Muslim-majority nations like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

And now, the Trump Administration, which has taken a hard line on terrorism, has moved to officially declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization as well.

That’s when the New York Times editorial staff lost their collective minds.

Calling the brutal terrorist organization a “political and social organization with millions of followers,” Times journalist Peter Baker made a passionate defense of the Muslim Brotherhood, pointing out that they “officially renounced violence decades ago.”
Baker even admits that “the Brotherhood calls for a society governed by Islamic law, and some of its former members and offshoots — most notably Hamas, the Palestinian group whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel — have been tied to attacks.”

But through it all, Baker claims that “designating the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization would roil American relations in the Middle East,” and praised the organization as “a pillar of society in parts of the region.”

The New York Times, like much of the mainstream media, has been fervently against Trump under the guise that it’s protecting freedom—but when it finds a Muslim terrorist organization it likes, all bets are off.


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