The Radical Left is Trying to Stop Betsy DeVos. This Powerful Video Explains Why

Democrats are making a last minute push to stop Betsy DeVos from being successfully appointed Secretary of Education. This week, two GOP senators with pockets full of teacher’s union cash joined them. Despite their best efforts, a vote to move DeVos’ nomination forward was successful, and it looks like Mike Pence will cast the tiebreaking vote to confirm her as Secretary of Education. Still, we can’t be sure.

So much is at stake here. Why is DeVos’ nomination so critical? Because she’s spent her life advocating for the sort of educational empowerment that helps poor children escape the confines of their zip code and get a quality education. Rebuilding our struggling inner cities starts with empowering residents through education. Democrats and their pals in the teacher’s unions would have you believe otherwise. In their rush to please their paymasters, Democrats are throwing their constituents under the bus. 

This video is a perfect illustration of the power of the sort of programs DeVos would help implement. Democrats should be very, very afraid.


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