The Real Reason Trump Thinks Obama Bugged Him

The New York Post editorial board has the most measured response to the Trump/Obama wiretap controversy. Their take? Trump has excellent reasons to believe that Obama might have bugged his office. As the Post notes:

But let’s face it: From the day Trump won election, his foes have waged a by-any-means-necessary campaign to overturn the results.

Officials (likely Obama-era holdovers) have broken the law and leaked what they hoped would be damaging info. Groups tied to Obama have stirred up angry protests against Trump and other Republicans.

The New York Times reported Obama’s staff purposely spread information throughout the administration that could hurt Trump, though they said the goal was to make sure the info wasn’t buried.

Critics say Trump’s wiretap claim is baseless, but what is truly lacking in solid evidence is the claim that there was some sort of collusion between Trump or his aides and Russian officials to hijack the election. Yet that’s all Trump’s foes (and much of the press) want to talk about.

Remember, too: Team Obama has a record of abusing power for political gain, as when the IRS targeted conservative groups.


We’ve said as much. Recall Team Obama’s frenzied response to Trump’s victory. The rush to evict Russian diplomats, and the way they politicized every branch of government throughout his administration. Washington’s chattering classes may have forgotten, because it’s convenient. They may have seen Trump as an existential threat to the established order and think this sort of behavior is fine. What’s clear is that Trump’s Tweet may have opened pandora’s box, and this is only going to get more interesting.


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