Trump Just Made a Major Move and the Democrats are Freaking Out

Since Donald Trump’s election, liberals have been fretting endlessly about potential conflicts of interest arising from Donald Trump’s continued involvement in the Trump Foundation. You see, now that it’s impossible for Hillary Clinton to become president, the media cares about conflicts of interest brought about by shady foundation interests. Funny isn’t it?

Anyway, in the interest of good government, and perhaps as a way of extending an olive branch to liberals, Trump acquiesced this week, announcing he’s desolving the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Here’s how liberals reacted:

The Democratic National Committee saw red after Trump’s foundation announcement, issuing a scathing statement about something Democrats have been pestering him to do for weeks.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman released a statement Saturday informing Trump that he isn’t allowed to fix the potential conflict of interest: “The Trump Foundation is still under investigation by this office and cannot legally dissolve until that investigation is complete.”

Schneiderman launched his investigation into Trump’s foundation in September, but has yet to scrutinize the Clinton Foundation, which has not been in compliance of New York rules for over a decade. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s favors to Morocco netted the foundation up to $28 million. Clinton Foundation donors expected “benefits in return for gifts,” and Saudi Arabia has donated tens of millions to the charity. Schneiderman was an adviser to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump was hounded after he tweeted about a Dec. 15 press conference that never happened, during which he was supposed to discuss his business dealings. The press conference has been postponed until January.

We’re glad that Trump resolved any potential conflicts of interest. But it seems like no matter what he does, loony liberals won’t be satisfied. As the Donald might say, “sad!”




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