Trump’s Latest Tweet is Going to Make Democrats Go Ballistic

Donald Trump has a knack for giving his opponents nicknames that end up absolutely destroying their brand. Chuck Schumer just got his, as Trump went on a Twitter rant about Democrats pathetic efforts to save Obamacare:

President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday morning to slam Obamacare and Democrats, saying members of Congress from both sides of the aisle need to work together to come up with a better health care plan.

Trump said Democrats, led by “head clown Chuck Schumer,” understand how bad the law is, but they’re not trying to work and fix it. Instead, all they’re doing is blaming, he added. 


This is an excellent development. For too many years, Republicans have been constrained by all the lies Democrats have told. “They want to leave poor people dead in the street,” or “they want your grandma to die” and now “they want to make America sick again.” Republican lawmakers never bother to refute these allegations. Typically they stammer, extend a big expensive olive branch, and load up whatever reform they promised with a bunch of liberal nonsense that ends up frustrating the original purpose of the bill (see: No Child Left Behind).

Trump’s not really a free market guy, but if Republicans can get him to buy into a healthcare plan that works, the days of unnecessary, ridiculous apologies are over. That will make for a very sad head clown


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