VIDEO: How the Lamestream Media Ignored This Week’s Biggest Story

This is amazing. 

On Fox and Friends this week, Peggy Nance of Concerned Women for America discussed the story the media wanted to ignore: the March for Life. 

Nance noted that this march was unprecedented. It was the first time in March for Life history that a sitting Vice President addressed them. It consisted of thousands of American families from all backgrounds coming together to stand for life, and it happened at a moment when President Trump is on the verge of nominating a Supreme Court Justice who might justice who might overturn Roe vs. Wade. 

This is monumental. The turnout was massive. The liberal media should be covering out of sheer panic.  But all you heard about was a few “anti-abortion” protesters.

Note to CNN and the networks: This is why the American public no longer trusts you. 


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