Why the Democrats are Totally Screwed

The Democratic party is in trouble. But why? In this Fox Panel, Mercedes Schlapp and Matthew Continetti explain why. As Continetti explains:

Fox News anchor Bret Baier played a clip from President Obama’s “60 Minutes” interview in which he discussed losing multiple public relations battles during his administration and how his team came up short in mobilizing public opinion behind their initiatives. Following the clip, Baier asked Continetti to respond to what Obama said.

Continetti agreed with Obama and said the president was “kind of right” about losing several PR battles despite his personal popularity. Continetti then discussed the 2016 election and how Obama’s popularity did not translate to a victory for Hillary Clinton, who largely campaigned as a third term for Obama.

“The Democrats are hobbled by multiculturalism and political correctness,” Continetti said. “That’s what Donald Trump exploited in kind of getting the frustration with the status quo and the frustration with not being able to speak your mind in this country. He exploited that and that helped him win.”


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