MSNBC Releases Trump Taxes, But Who it Ends Up Embarrassing is Hilarious

We’re going to laugh about this a lot, because we know deep down that in an anti-Trump media landscape, this sort of epic screwup is only going to advance Rachel Maddow’s career. 

Early in the day, Maddow Tweeted a wild teaser for her evening broadcast that had the political media buzzing. 

This story seemed BIG LEAGUE. Finally, the truth would be revealed about Donald Trump!

The reality? Not so much. As liberal magazine Slate notes, Maddow turned the event into “a self-defeating spectacle.” Maddow promised tax returns in a matter of moments, and then meandered through a rambling, incoherent 20 minute monologue that reminded television viewers why they never watch MSNBC. As Slate’s Willa Paskin put it:

The longer Maddow went on, ever deeper into a conspiratorial thicket, the clearer it became that whatever tax returns Maddow had, they weren’t as juicy as the ones she was talking about. If she had anything that damning, she would have shared them from the start. TV is a ratings game, but an entire episode about highly damaging tax returns is just as likely to get you great ratings as milking the possibility that you have highly damaging tax returns, and less likely to get you compared to Geraldo. Maddow even went so far as to hold the tax returns back until after the first commercial break, as if we were watching an episode of The Bachelor and not a matter of national importance—because we weren’t, in fact, watching a matter of national importance, just a cable news show trying to set a ratings record.

So what was the big revelation? That Trump paid an effective tax rate of 25 percent.  Tucker Carlson put that in a context that MSNBC viewers can appreciate:



That’s right. MSNBC’s big revelation was that Donald Trump pays more in taxes than committed progressives Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders. 

This “reveal” was such a disaster that Democrats are now speculating that it was a stunt orchestrated by the Trump campaign. 

  1. Well, Well the Dems thought they had opened up a can of worms for Trump, but instead opened it up on themselves!! I’m looking forward to seeing Obama, Clintons, left over Obama Administration who was involved in Obamagate, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and the rest of the evil Dems fall into every trap they have set for President Trump & his Administration!! Trump 2020, Payback Time!!

  2. This story was just too funny. The left have been clamoring for his tax returns for the last almost 4 years thinking “we got him”. So, they got it and find that once again they got a big fat zero on him. Will the left ever learn? I seriously doubt it. Even lying and cheating does’t get them a win with him. It would serve them better to let him have his 8 years and then try with someone weaker than Trump to bash.

    1. Ginger,
      Spot on! Maybe the communist,socialist party should try standing up for what “We the People” want and run someone we would vote for. Try winning elections for a change instead of whining and complain all the time!

  3. This is classic Warner Bros. Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote. Rachel Madcow thought she had the goods on Trump and just like Wiley the big anvil fell on her. One question though. How did she get Trumps tax records and who authorized her to show them on national television???? Time for Madcow to get a visit from the Secret Service.

  4. So maybe it is time to reveal tax returns for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Obama, Clinton’s, Nancy Pelosi for a start. They should all be required to show tax returns since they cried about Trump’s. But they probably will not since they are more corrupt by far.
    Proud Veteran

  5. Not only should each democrat need to show their taxes and their net worth they should all have to show a birth certificate that has the stamped seal on the certificate, not a copy but the real original certificate. See how many lies we should see with that

    1. And test the paper to see how old it is. Also I would like to know why no one can see is college records including who he shared a room with from the first college though Harvard and how he received grants and it was paid for.

  6. Strange..who are the core democrats? Who are the political, social, and economic cabal that 7hate and so obsessed over Trump? Go do three things: Download “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” then Google Yuri Bezmenov. For fun, watch the YouTube video “Brothers of the Bell.

  7. Like a judge recently stated to Republicans about mail fraud either put up or shut up. Maybe the Democrats should follow the later. Sounds like the tax return turned out to be a morning burger 🍔. By the way now that has been done let’s dig into some others income/taxes like Bidens, Obama’s, Clinton’s, Pelosi’s, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, Soros, etc.
    Proud Veteran & Patriot

  8. I smell a big Gomer “pile”…
    Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

    ..Sgt. Carter,
    How high do you want it stacked?

  9. Democrats are so rotten they don’t ever admit they screwed up even this stun5 backfired and they blamed Trump yet again for their own screw up. I would love to see Pelosi and Feinsteins tax returns or Maxine Waters. In fact I believe Congress tax returns should be public.


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