Liberals Tried to Erase the Memory of this Former President. Here’s How Trump is Honoring Him

Liberals have an Andrew Jackson problem.

For years, Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson were revered among Democrats. Then the party embraced racial racial postmodernism, and just recently, the party announced that it’s Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey dinner would be renamed, because both Jackson and Jefferson owned slaves. The two great men are being posthumously disowned for being men of their time. 

Not content to leave it at that, President Obama moved to get Jackson removed from the twenty dollar bill, and replaced with Harriet Tubman. While most Americans admire Tubman’s heroic legacy and work to end slavery, many conservatives correctly saw this as a dimwitted, intellectually limited effort by liberals to apply modern moral standards to complicated, no doubt great figures. 

So the Democrats have done everything they can to wash their hands of Andrew Jackson. Which is good, because as Jarrett Stepman and many others have noted, Jackson is the sort of politician Tea Partiers would love.

With that in mind, here’s the approach Donald Trump is taking to Andrew Jackson:

President Trump plans to travel to the Music City on Wednesday for his first campaign rally since the release of health-care legislation that would replace the Affordable Care Act and, according to federal officials, result in millions losing their health insurance.

Which has prompted some locals to wonder: Why Nashville?

It has nothing to do with health care. Trump is coming to town to celebrate the 250th birthday of Andrew Jackson, the controversial seventh president who embraced populism and has been compared to the current president.

The Hermitage — as Jackson’s mansion is called — has shut down for the day and canceled plans for an event that was expected to attract thousands of visitors. Trump plans to visit late in the afternoon, laying a wreath on Jackson’s tomb, taking a tour and learning more about Jackson.

This is wonderful news. Writing on the event, the Daily Signal’s Stepman notes:

While a seemingly small gesture to a president who had been quickly fading in the minds of Americans, Trump’s visit is an important piece of symbolism for a man who ran under the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Far too often in modern America, we are quick to point out the faults of our history, mock the “hypocrisy” of our forefathers, and abandon old heroes. Jackson has become a prime target of attack, a faded legend into whom we pour all of our nation’s early sins.

Though Jackson’s record has come under assault, it is a disservice to the country the Founders created and that we enjoy today to simply wipe from memory those who made it what it is. And Jackson, the quintessential man of the generation Alexis de Tocqueville described in his famed “Democracy in America,” was just such a man.

Read the rest of Stepman’s fascinating piece HERE.  It’s a great look at why Jackson’s legacy is more relevant than ever, and how it pertains to Trump. 

We’re just happy that we finally have a president who takes pride in America’s fallen leaders. 


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