GREAT AGAIN: How Trump Saved This Small Blue Collar Town

Donald Trump’s presidency is already having a major impact. Bureaucrats are quaking in their boots. Liberals are losing their mind. But more importantly, one small town is back to work. As Townhall’s Matt Vespa reports:

For the countless communities that dot rural America, Donald Trump is something of an economic savior. For small towns where coal is the economic driving force, the Obama presidency has been devastating. Mines closed, workers laid off, and economic downturn were becoming commonplace. Then, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in one of the biggest upsets in American political history. He signed executive orders rolling back the regulations that have been crippling businesses, especially those involved with the mining of coal. Now, miners in Hazard, Kentucky can get back to work to support their families (via Fox News):

“I love mining coal,” Carlos Sturdill said 250 feet underground in the E4-1 mine in Hazard. That mine shut down in the Obama years. There are many factors that allowed the mine to re-open and people like Sturdill to get back to work.For starters, the entire economy has seen a bump. That has created a demand for steel. The high-quality coal that comes out of Appalachia is well suited for making steel.

“I’m glad to be working. I’m thankful I’ve got a job again,” Sturdill said. Then you have President Trump who started rolling back regulations early in his time on the job. One of Trump’s early executive orders was to roll back the Stream Protection Rule. The SPR was created in the 11th hour of the Obama presidency and it would have placed a burden on coal companies to test streams before during and after mining. Trump followed up by undoing the 2015 Waters of the US rule, which broadened the definition of a body of water.

This is a great story. These are people who take pride in providing ordinary Americans with energy. Hillary Clinton wanted to send them to some sort of reeducation program to learn how to program computers, or, failing that, put them on the dole. Donald Trump is respecting their right to ply their trade. To pursue happiness, as the Constitution says. This is wonderful.


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