Hundreds of Conservatives Stormed Capitol Hill to Send a Message to Congress

This week, conservative activists gathered in Washington to send a message to congress: A bill that replaces Obamacare in name only is not going to cut it. As Townhall notes:

One of the main points of contention was the current bill keeping the Medicaid expansion intact.

“Our activists are incensed at the betrayal of Paul Ryan and House Republican leadership. Instead of following through on years and years of campaign promises and repealing Obamacare outright, they want to create a new entitlement program and a backdoor individual mandate,” said FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon. “Even the savings that Ryan and Republican leaders are boasting about are suspect because Medicaid expansion, which supposedly ends at the beginning of 2020, will likely become the new Medicare ‘doc fix.’”

Once the speakers were done, activists walked to the nearby Russell Senate Building, where they stood for well over an hour in the freezing cold as they waited to get through security. Townhall was embedded with a group from North/South Carolina.

On woman, Melissa Gainey of Wilmington, North Carolina said that she felt Sen. Cruz was right to call this bill Obamacare lite.

“He stands by what he says,” she said. She felt the current bill is “not enough,” and that it would be just be easier for a full repeal. She also hopes that Congress can work on allowing companies to sell insurance across state lines and make health care more affordable.

Among the members in attendance: Senators Paul, Cruz, and Lee; Reps Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, and Dave Brat. 

The Republican establishment should note. Lee, Paul, Cruz, and Brat were all chosen by the American people over establishment hacks who had wasted their time in Washington D.C. doing the politically expedient thing. They were elected because they understand what motivates the American people in a way that many in Washington have forgot. They should be heeded, not ignored.


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