FAKE NEWS: New York Times Gives Space to #NeverTrump Conspiracy Theorist

How much does the liberal media hate Donald Trump? So much so that they’re giving space to an unhinged #NeverTrump conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch an opportunity to write for their paper. As the Daily Caller reports:

The New York Times decided to give a conspiracy theorist a platform to expand on her Russian conspiracy theories.

Louise Mensch, the former member of UK Parliament who believes Andrew Breitbart was murdered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, wrote the article “What To Ask About Russian Hacking” for the Times. The story was first published online Friday and appeared prominently on the site’s front page Saturday morning. The article was also published in the newspaper’s Saturday print edition.

Mensch’s article presents a hypothetical guest list for the House Intelligence Committee’s upcoming hearing on Russian interference in the election, and questions for these guests. “The list of initial witnesses does not inspire confidence in the House committee’s effectiveness,” wrote Mensch, a current executive for News Corporation.

The list of initial witnesses includes FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who Trump fired weeks into office.

Mensch made a name for herself during the Wikileaks scandal, when it was revealed that she, an editor of the conservative website Heat Street, had pitched a script to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Mensch has since left her position at Heat Street, and she spends most of her days Tweeting about Russian conspiracies at a high volume, leaving many on the social media platform worried about her mental health.

That’s to say that this has all been very public and visible. That it’s very unlikely that anyone at the New York Times who uses social media of any kind wouldn’t have known that Mensch is deluded, or worse, and that they decided to publish her conspiratorial musings anyway. It seems like the newspaper of record is willing to publish literally anyone who advances their anti-Trump agenda. 

This is why Trump won, and why no one trusts the mainstream media. 



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