Conservative Commentator Drops the Hammer on Dopey CNN Host (VIDEO)

Mary Katherine Ham is one of the better conservative commentators on tv today, and Chris Cuomo is one of the worst liberal hosts. Ham has written extensively about her struggles with Obamacare and her outrageous premiums, so it was incredibly satisfying, although not all too surprising, when she absolutely decimated the liberal hack on his show. As the Federalist recaps it:

Things got a little heated between Federalist Senior Writer Mary Katharine Ham and Chris Cuomo during a Thursday morning health care discussion on CNN.

“Well, you can be nasty about it or you can listen to me,” Ham replied after Cuomo rebuked what he called a “cheap” answer about Obamacare’s “essential health benefits.”

Ham shared her own experience with Obamacare, explaining how heaping mandates onto health insurance plans make them too expensive for many to use.

Ham said she’s lost several health care plans since Obamacare passed, and has seen large increases in premiums and deductibles during that time. When Obama and Democrats pitched and passed the Affordable Care Act, they promised people could keep plans they liked and that premiums would go down for everyone—despite ample evidence to the contrary.



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