Vulgar Feminists are Sending President Trump a

Remember the Women’s March? A bunch of radical pro choice, feminazi lunatics who had bought tickets for Hillary’s inauguration so far in advance they couldn’t cancel? So they marched on Washington to protest Donald Trump saying a horrible thing that one time?

Remember? Trump was too vulgar and awful to be president, so they were going to show up and be classy and show us everything that was great about America and lacking in Trump. And then in order to show us how decent and civilized they were in comparison to the president, they… paraded around in giant vagina costumes, holding expletive laden signs, and watched a collection of past their prime celebrities, Islamic fundamentalists, and convicted murderers give speeches about their lady parts, while their spineless boyfriends watched or babysat or something?

Remember that?

Well, they’re back, and they’re worse than ever. As the Free Beacon’s Liz Harrington reports:

“Classy” women are sending a giant replica of the female reproductive anatomy stuffed with letters asking President Donald Trump, “Why are you so mean?”

“This giant vagina is being sent to President Trump stuffed with letters from concerned women all over the world,” reported Now This News.

The company On Mogul, an online platform for women, started the “#ReadMyLips” campaign with 24 universities. Mogul’s vice president of “content and community” said sending a large vagina to the White House is “very classy.”

“We wanted this to be a gift that he would be excited about receiving, but in a very classy, classy, classy—I can’t express classy enough—way,” said Mogul’s Bethany Heinrich.

We love free speech. The clash of conflicting points of view is essential for man to discover truth, and robust debate drives the development of ideas. 

But this? This is a pathetic tantrum put forth by people who aren’t interested in any sort of discussion of ideas. It’s a child wailing in the candy aisle at CVS because her mother said no. It’s a dog pissing on the carpet to protest an absentee owner. These same women who want to tear down Trump were eager to elevate a woman whose husband treated women like sexual objects, a woman who “slut shamed” rape accusers. That they were willing to excuse her long history of bad behavior but remain fixated on Trump’s unfortunate comments betrays the depth of their convictions- about a quarter of an inch. It’s not about morals, it’s about outcomes. 

It’s not provocative, it’s not clever. It’s as base as a monkey throwing its own shit. 

Trump won, Hillary lost, and it’s your fault. Move on, and while you’re at it, seek psychiatric help.


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