Hillary Clinton 2020?

In the mere weeks since taking office, President Trump has faced unprecedented and targeted illegal leaks at the highest level of government. There is a highly orchestrated shadow government undermining his every move. The players are out in force and the plan is clear.

This is not whistleblowing by any stretch. It is sabotage. And it is highly coordinated and includes Hillary Clinton, whose sights are firmly set on 2020. Let us recall she wanted nothing more than to run against Donald Trump. A political neophyte who had never held elected office and a reality TV star to boot, he was her dream opponent. An “easy-peasy” win, a favored term of Hillary’s. In fact, leaked emails reported by Breitbart show the Hillary Campaign coordinating with the DNC to elevate this “pied piper” candidate rationalizing he would be the least palatable to the electorate. This walk-in-the-park scenario was her guaranteed ticket to the White House. Finally. In the annals of American history, it will go down as the greatest of grand underestimations.

Hillary will use whatever means necessary to achieve her goal. To that end, and in an unprecedented fashion, she and her cohorts work tirelessly behind the scenes in a highly coordinated effort to delegitimize this president. And it began bright and early in the morning hours of November 9th.

She is not working alone. With the help of thousands of imbedded Obama supporters who occupy federal civil service positions and dogged obstructionists in Congress, a clear pattern emerges. As always, they have the eager help of the mainstream media.



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