Trump Drops the Hammer

President Donald Trump signed two executive orders Friday designed to crack down on trade partners taking advantage of the U.S.

The orders aim to identify the causes of the huge U.S. trade deficit, look into countries that are engaging in questionable trade practices, and strengthen America’s ability to punish countries that give their industries and businesses an unfair competitive advantage in international markets through unacceptable subsidies. Trump has repeatedly stated that he wants to bolster U.S. manufacturing create trade deals that work in America’s interests.

“The jobs and wealth have been stripped from our country,” Trump remarked at the time of the signing, “Voiceless Americans now have a voice in the White House. The theft of American prosperity will end. We are going to defend our industry and create a level playing field for the American worker. Today I am signing two executive orders that send this message loud and clear and that set the stage for the great revival of American manufacturing.”

The U.S. will “take necessary and lawful action to end” trade abuses, the president explained, adding, “We are going to get these bad trade deals straightened out.”


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