Harvard Students Think Trump More Dangerous Than ISIS

These are the kids they’re letting into Harvard these days?

A report by conservative website, Campus Reform, interviewed a number of Harvard students, asking them a simple question: “What makes [you] feel more unsafe: Donald Trump or ISIS?”

Their responses were… surprising. And yet, not at all surprising, considering the state of the state of the American university these days.
One student said, “Probably Donald Trump’s rhetoric” was a bigger threat to his safety than ISIS, because “there are known to be violent demonstrations if there’s people [Trump] has spoken against.”

Another also chose Trump, adding that, “I think terrorism is really not that big of a deal… You know, there’s people being killed on the streets everyday.”

A third student, an African-American, called Trump the “asshole in chief” who doesn’t “really care that much about the American people.” To the question posed, he added, “Do I think ISIS is gonna cause a threat to me living my everyday life? Not really. Do I think that the rhetoric Donald Trump is using and kind of empowering these folks… with hateful views, do I think that’s more of a threat than ISIS? Yes. For sure.”

“That’s a tough question,” admitted a female student. “I’d say it’s up in the air.” She added that she would save her judgment to see whether Trump’s forthcoming policies turned out to be worse than the brutal terrorist regime, since it’s still early in his term.

Another dismissed ISIS, saying that America has the “military prowess to render ISIS to not be as big of a threat.” He chose Trump.

Harvard: no longer home of the best and brightest.


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