President Trump’s Agenda in Jeopardy

President Trump’s agenda is in jeopardy as liberals, Obama loyalists, and even some of Washington’s top Republicans are ready to derail anything President Trump was elected to achieve. 

Speaker Paul Ryan is threatening to wreck President Trump’s America First agenda. We already have the main-stream media’s malicious attacks and don’t need more roadblocks coming from the Speaker’s office.

Lou Dobbs nailed it on the head!


In short, Dobbs message is that Paul Ryan is derailing Trump’s agenda & dividing the GOP and that the GOP will pay for it if they don’t toss Ryan out.

Loud Dobbs is the tip of the spear on calling Paul Ryan out. It should be interesting to see where this goes in the coming days.

The House Republicans will be facing a budget showdown that could turn into a government shutdown as the White House applies pressure on Paul Ryan and Congress to Repeal Obamacare.

Stay tuned.


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