Fake News Now Thinks Trump’s Presidency if ‘Fake’

Plain and simple: Anyone who has picked up a newspaper or turned on the major news networks knows that their is no love lost for Donald Trump. The mainstream media spent the entire 16 months leading up to November 2016 trashing Trump. They said he can’t win, they said he was a ‘fake candidate’, they said he was running for entertainment purposes only & they pushed all sorts of false narratives to defame him. Well now, they’ve moved on to another game. The Examiner compiled a list of the media’s new assault on Trump. In their words, his presidency is fake.

Here are three of the recent ‘fake presidency’ comments from the MSM, according to the Examiner

1. “Trump is writing fake executive orders because he doesn’t know how to be president.” — New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait, on Trump’s raft of signed executive orders, April 24

2. “He lied to us, repeatedly and shamelessly. His supporters may not care — yet — but history is unforgiving. Yelling ‘fake news’ cannot mask a fake presidency.” — Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson, referring to Trump’s so-far delayed promise to build a wall on the Mexican border, April 24

3. “Donald Trump’s mounting reversals, failures and betrayals make it increasingly clear that he is a fake and a fraud.” — New York Times’ Charles Blow, who has called for a “pause” in Trump’s presidency, April 20


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