Terrorists Didn’t Expect This To Happen During Their Sing-a-Long

You can’t make this stuff up. Over the weekend, a suicide belt went off accidentally, causing a giant explosion at a Syrian party—where terrorists were enjoying themselves with a festive karaoke sing-along.

Video footage from Syrian TV, which was posted to YouTube and then reported by U.S. media outlets like Fox and Friends, shows a group of Syrian men singing in Arabic into a microphone.

Shortly after the start of the video, one of the men is seen reaching down, possibly to adjust a suicide belt—and, immediately after, the entire frame is filled with a deadly explosion.

The camera is knocked to the ground, but the footage continues for another few seconds, depicting snippets of sudden chaos: militants are screaming in pain, and other bystanders are seen running over the camera.

It’s unclear how many of the terrorists were killed by the big blast. According to Fox and Friends, the militants were members of a group called Takfiri, which has claimed responsibility for several explosions in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Takfiri has not yet claimed responsibility for the latest attack on their own party.


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