FADDIS: Islamic Extremists Tell You What they Are Going to Hit Next

One of the astounding things about Islamic extremists is that, with astonishing regularity, they tell you exactly what they are thinking.

Want to know what targets ISIS intends to hit next? Watch the videos they release with great regularity. Want to know what the Islamic Republic of Iran is up to inside the United States? Listen to the Iranian Intelligence Minister, Mahmoud Alavi.

Speaking earlier this year, Alavi discussed at length the activities of what he called a pro-Iranian “lobby group” in Washington, DC, which clandestinely pushes a pro-Iranian agenda and spreads its ideology. As per Alavi, this lobby is working to bolster the regime’s international status and help legitimize its nuclear plans and programs.

Alavi did not go so far as to name the lobbying group in question, but one of the leading candidates must be the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC) founded by Trita Parsi, an activist born in Iran who claims to speak on behalf of Americans of Iranian descent. Despite Parsi’s claims to be a representative of Iranian-Americans and denying ties to the government, the activities of his group show that he reliably advocates in favor of Tehran and systematically avoids any criticism of the appalling human rights record of the mullahs in Tehran.



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