Sean Hannity Reveals His Fox News Fate

Sean Hannity had a message for the roughly 30 staff members he treated to pizza Tuesday night: I’m not negotiating an exit.

As speculation swirled about Hannity’s future at Fox News in the wake of the resignation of his longtime friend and former producer Bill Shine, who was named a co-president of Fox News last summer with the departure of longtime network chief Roger Ailes, Hannity decided to treat his staff to a thank-you party.

Staff-wide meetings for Hannity are unusual and one person close to his show expressed surprise because “Hannity doesn’t do meetings.”

But at the meeting held Tuesday afternoon, the anchor told his staff that he’s not negotiating an exit despite reports, according to a person present at the meeting. He thanked his staff for what they do and told them he’s “always available” to answer questions.

  1. Trump will win but he will face the proverbial kitchen sink being thrown at him before the election. He has already had everything else thrown at him!
    I just hope the American people are fed up with the dems especially Nancy her crew of idiots and Schumer!

    1. If you want to know what is wrong about the Democratic party take a look at Nancy and her cabinet of ancient millionaires. All career politicians who have been milking the system dry for forty or fifty years. The only cure is term limits and draining the swamp dry..

        1. I agree that Trump will win. Trump will be 🌟 starting his 2nd Term Presidency as Scheduled. Thanks to ALMIGHTY GOD’ HONESTY JUSTICE FAIRNESS AND TRUTH poured out into the situations. I decree in JESUS NAME.

        1. BO did it for his buddies the muzzies when he was in office! Course he let so many go it might even be empty!

    2. Got that right. Better get this election right! We are not stupid people and if they think for one minute that the people for Trump will give up by being bullied and threatened they can think again. What exactly is their hurry? Why are they so afraid that we will find the truth ? We know why, this election was set up while SleepyJoe relaxed in his basement and would not answer important question. What flavor ice cream is not important! Joe was so sure of himself that he said he didn’t need our votes ( no not when they have the election fixed.)
      Hillary was so positive that he was told never concede.
      Our country will never survive unless the truth comes out and whether he knows it or not, Sleepy Joel’s being used as a pawn. What a joke!

      1. Trump needs another 4 years to complete the job of cleaning the swamp and to keep socialism out of our country, Donald Trump is our only hope.

  2. You know, it’s so true. Pelosi has ruled her party with an iron fist- what does she have going for her? Lots of money and a really nasty disposition. We Republicans will continue to oppose her liberal agenda – and try not to laugh when makes herself look like an idiot- which she does whenever she comes up against President Trump. Time to find your jammies, Nance, and go take a nice long nap.

    1. From what I’ve been reading as of late nancy is up for re-election and over half of her party don’t want her to have another term, so looks like the Speaker of the House will be a Republican, woohoo.

      1. Way back there was an article that an unname dem stated the only reason she has been in that position is the $$$$$ she can raise! You know all the biggies she wants to give money to and to H with us!

      1. “Vengeance belongs to ME, SAYS THE LORD. I will Repay.” (Hebrews) GOD’S Vengeance is released to Joe Hunter Biden and family members and all who are connected involved with them. Pres Trump will start his 2nd term as scheduled. I decree in JESUS NAME and AUTHORITY Forever.

    1. In some states like CA the rat newscum decreed we HAD to mail only! I had called and asked where I could in person, NASTY lady said not going to tell you again, NO in person voting! Check out all the fraud, and nasty people running OUR state down! BUT thank God the people are fighting back! OH, we are run buy 4 or 5 filthy rich families who call the shots! Even as I have learned in my old age they decide who will run and has to be from one of their families! And thats why they adopted the scum. (True?)

  3. Nancy Pelausy I wish someone would shove a broom up her … so she could fly way and never be seen again. On another note. Imagine waking up to that in the morning, it’s enough to scare the crap out of you. On the other hand , it could be a remedy for constipation.

  4. Perhaps closure of public schools has a positive side. When kids are staying home and NOT in the classroom, they are NOT being exposed to teachers’ warped agendas. That creates a learning void that can be filled by parents or other close adults. Parents just need to be aware of “others” agendas.

    1. Students need to be in school! They need to be with their friends and have that connection. We need to change the evil agendas that has been given to the teachers to teach. Students need to be taught the history of our country and the constitution! We need to get rid of the radical leftist teachings and make our flag and prayer important again! Professers in our colleges have to stop teaching students to hate our country. They have to stop teaching there is only one way to think, their way or any other way is bad and has to be denied and threatened!

    2. WE need to disband the Teachers union! Hire real teachers who want to teach and not a bunch of commie/socialist BS. Bring back civics and shop classes, and respect for OUR country and flag!


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