Sore Loser Hillary Still Blames Russia And The FBI For Her Loss

Hillary Clinton has reemerged from her post-election defeat and seclusion. She wants to become a leader in the anti-Trump “resistance.”
As a part of her reemergence, she gave a chat at a public forum in New York City. She talked about why she lost. Did she blame her terrible campaign? No. Instead she blamed Russia and the FBI.
From the Washington Post:

Hillary Clinton emerged from political hibernation Tuesday by declaring herself “part of the resistance” to Donald Trump’s presidency — and spreading blame for why it is not her sitting in the Oval Office.

Making a rare public appearance, Clinton attributed her surprise loss in the 2016 election to interference by Russian hackers and the actions of FBI Director James B. Comey in the campaign’s homestretch.

“If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president,” Clinton told moderator Christiane Amanpour, the CNN anchor, at a Women for Women International event in New York.

Clinton stated broadly that she takes “absolute personal responsibility” for her failure to win the White House. Yet the Democratic nominee declined to fault her strategy or message, nor did she acknowledge her own weak­nesses as a campaigner or the struggles by her and her advisers to at first comprehend and then respond to the angry mood of broad swaths of the electorate.

The so-called Russian interference in the election was the fact that Russia released damaging info about the Clinton campaign. The Clinton campaign never denied the allegations released on Wikileaks and other sites. Is Russia to blame for the fact the Clinton campaign did all sorts of shady things? Or are they just angry that they caught?
How many times did Hillary Clinton visit Wisconsin? She never visited the battleground state. As a result, she lost the state.
Hillary Clinton also lost Michigan. Part of the reason why she lost the state was because she did not spend any major campaign resources in the state. The Clinton campaign even told labor unions not to spend resources in the state. They instead diverted them to Iowa, which Trump also won.
Hillary Clinton is a sore loser. She’s trying to make herself relevant for 2020. She has not taken responsibility for her own failures. Instead she lashes out at the FBI and Russia.
Hillary was defeated in 2016. It’s looking we’ll have to defeat her again in 2020.

  1. Poor, poor Hillary. She needs to shut her mouth and stop her ever lasting complaining. Hillary, the reason you lost is for the fact of all the things you did, not to mention you were not liked. You are a narcissist who thinks she’s always perfect and right. We couldn’t forgive you for how you accused the young lady for when your husbanded took advantage of her, in the White House to boot. Also, Benghazi….you were a failure and let several people die. Your better off stepping out of your spot light and go swap floors. Go away and shut up, we don’t want to hear or see you again.


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