SHOCKING: McCain Might Join Trump Administration

President Trump might choose Cindy McCain, the wife of one of his sharpest critics, for a diplomatic post at the State Department, according to a new report.

“One possibility under discussion is McCain serving as an ambassador-at-large in Washington, focusing on a specific issue such as human trafficking,” according to the Associated Press, citing two anonymous sources.

McCain’s appointment would be something of an olive branch to Senate Armed Services Committee chairman John McCain, who traded vicious barbs with Trump dating back to the earliest days of the 2016 election cycle. Trump infamously mocked the senator for having been captured during the Vietnam war. He also refused to vote for Trump in the general election.

“It’s very disturbing,” McCain said Tuesday of Trump’s decision to compliment North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. “The statements and the comments obviously fly in the face of everything I stood for and I’ve believed in all my life.”

  1. I don’t think that’s a good idea, her husband hated Trump as well as his daughter. The daughter bashed Trump
    in her speech at his funeral. After Trump loaned the airfare 2 to take his body and the family to the funeral.
    I don’t trust her.

  2. Not a good idea. Cindy McCain is no better than her low life husband or her vile daughter. What she or the both of them have said about President Trump should have landed them in jail. Hiring her would be like a live case of suicide.

    1. We already have people in government who is infiltrating our government under lining our president. Cindy could not be trusted to be on the side of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. though she seems sincere in her talk. Mr president be worry of making that selection. No more adding to the squad.

  3. The Democrats are grasping at straws they know they do not have a chance at all to beat Trump in debates with Biden Biden can’t remember what day it is but the Democrats will try to wire him so they can answer the questions for him theyRepublicans should get together and demand that there is no wires on Trump or Biden checking them before the debate that’s the only fair way let’s get her done

  4. Yeah, because that’s exactely what we need! A sworn enemy and traitor to America in the President Trump cabinet! John McCains treason and destruction started way before Donald Trump ever won the Presidency! The treason started when John McCain joined the military! From a young man until his death, McCain and his family hated and still hate America and President Trump! She deserves no recognition or consideration from the President or Americans!


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