Trump’s Approval Rating High With This Surprising Demographic

President Donald Trump is getting strong support from one surprising demographic: Hispanics.

Despite howling from the left about Trump’s alleged racism, and the fact that he’s one of the strongest Presidents on illegal immigration in decades, nearly half of Hispanics approve of the job he’s doing.

Zogby Analytics reports that 45% of Hispanics approve of Trump. That number has surged since February, when his approval was just 39% among Hispanics, and from Election Day, when he won just 29% of the Hispanic vote.

Interestingly, Hispanics are actually more likely to approve of the job Trump is doing than the general population. Zogby puts Trump’s approval rating at 43%.

Despite the left’s reliance on identity politics, ethnic and racial groups aren’t monolithic. Many Hispanic immigrants—especially citizens, who are able to vote in U.S. elections—are not nearly as in favor of illegal immigration as liberals claim they are.
Another recent poll showed that 96% of Trump voters would vote for him again. If he can continue to grow his support among Hispanics, it could help him seal the deal for re-election in 2020.


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