Here’s Who Americans Think Was The Best and Worst President Since World War II

A Quinnipiac poll shows that the American people believe President Ronald Reagan is the best President we’ve had since World War II—and that President Barack Obama is the worst.

A whopping 35% of those polled selected Ronald Reagan as the best President since World War II. In a distant second, with just 18% of those polled selecting him as the best recent President, was Bill Clinton. John F. Kennedy rounded out the top 3 with 15%.

When it came to the President that the American people thought was the worst of the last 70 years, the American people showed that they’re mostly dissatisfied with their most recent past Presidents—and how polarizing the nation’s leadership has become.

Barack Obama led the pack as the worst President since World War II with 33%, but his Republican predecessor George W. Bush was right behind him at 28%. Distantly behind them were Richard Nixon, who resigned amid the Watergate scandal, at 13%; and Jimmy Carter, who presided over a weak economy and national “malaise,” at 8%.

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