Homeowner Association Tries To Ban The Flag, Veteran Responds With This

Memorial Day is coming up and many families will want to fly the U.S. flag in order to honor the veterans who have given their own lives for that flag. If you live at the Village at Towne Lake in Woodstock, GA, it will be one of the few days a year you’re allowed to fly an American flag.
The homeowner’s association only allows residents to fly the American flag 23 days in a year, most of those days being holidays.

From 11Alive.com:

The HOA at the Village at Towne Lake sent an email to residents explaining that they could only fly the flag on specific holidays. That didn’t fly well with some residents.

“By limiting it to holidays, he’s equating it to Christmas lights. You put your Christmas lights up at Christmas, you fly your flag on this holiday,” said one resident. “The flag is an everyday thing.”

They said they’ve displayed flags since the day they moved in — some for more than a decade, and now they’re being told to take them down.

“Brave men and women fight for that flag. And many of them come home in coffins draped in that flag,” said Donna Gorshe. “My father fought in World War II and was in the Battle of the Bulge and lost many of his friends. They fought for the flag.”

Residents complained the holiday list was arbitrarily designed. For example, 11Alive.com points out that the list includes Mother’s Day but not Father’s Day.

The restrictions have angered many residents, including some who are veterans. “I will remove the flag from my house when they remove my body from that house and cover it with the flag,” said Army veteran Richard Tibbetts. One family has even said they’re putting their house up for sale.
People are tired of having their values attacked. One of those values is the right to honor one’s country. Hopefully the residents of this subdivision will fight this ban.

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