HIGBIE: How Trump Can End the Leaks, Clean House & Right the Ship

There is not a soul in the political world that can question my unwavering loyalty to President Trump over the last two years. While there are things I would have done differently, I have been a fierce defender of him and his agenda. I have not been paid, or promised anything, but rather, I believe that Mr. Trump can put America on an unprecedented path to success. I must state, that my conclusions here are based entirely on the same information available to the public. I have derived most of my opinions straight from the fire hose of “anonymous sources.”

While my loyalty to President Trump remains steadfast, the same does not apply to some of his staff who are failing him, some of whom are obstructing his agenda and the promise to Make America Great Again.

I have endured thousands of interviews, many hostile, while trying to justify the short comings of White House staff leaking, failing and at times defying the wishes of the Oval Office.

The most important thing is to stop is the leaking. Leaks are quickly becoming a matter of national security and an issue causing longtime allies like the UK’s MI-5 to lose trust in our government.

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