Paul Ryan Takes This Strong Stance On Immigration Reform

In an interview with me last evening on Fox News Radio, House Speaker Paul Ryan addressed several pressing issues facing Congressional Republicans.  First, he made the economic case for tax reform, asserting that despite a logjam of legislative items piling up this fall, he remains confident that GOP leaders have “daylight” on the calendar to get tax reform accomplished before Christmas recess.  Next, he correctly predicted that the House would approve the Senate-passed Harvey relief package today; the bill contained short debt ceiling and continuing resolution extensions, thanks to President Trump’s agreement with Democratic leaders’ request.  Trump’s “early Christmas gift” to Schumer and Pelosi passed easily, overcoming some (totally justifiable) conservative opposition.  Ryan then poured ice water on reports of another potential Trump/Schumer collaboration, this time on eliminating the debt ceiling altogether:

On the DACA controversy, Ryan seemed eager to pursue the president’s request to address the DREAMer challenge permanently through legislation. Chuck Schumer demanded a “clean” bill, with no extra elements attached, earlier in the week. Would House Republicans agree to a measure that did not include an added border security component? Ryan’s response was emphatic and clear: 

It seems as though there’s been a bit of softening in the last few days, with some Democrats indicating that they’d be willing to bundle enforcement (but not Trump’s wall) with a DREAM Act — and Nancy Pelosi claims Trump told her he’d sign it. They’ve been rather chummy lately, so perhaps she’s in an unique position to know. We wrapped up by discussing whether Ryan fears that GOP leadership on the Hill has been marginalized by the Trump’s wheeling and dealing with Democrats (with Trump basking in the glow of positive media coverage), and how the Speaker characterizes his relationship with the president…

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