BREAKING Trump Unity Bridge Attacked by Vandals [VIDEO]

The “Trump Unity Bridge” and “Trump Mobile” owned by Rob Cortis was attacked this morning in Alexandria, VA outside of the Quality Inn (see video below).

The property was defaced in broad daylight.

Here’s a list of the damage inflicted according to the video:

-Nazi signs drawn on the car
-Foreign objects stuffed in the gas tank
-Ripped the Statue of Liberty’s Arm Off
-Slashed tires
-An unknown white substance was found on the car
-All cables on the trailer were cut
-License plate(s) stolen
-Destroyed bald eagle statue
-A foreign object was stuffed in the tailpipe
-Over $500 worth of brand new “Made in America” American Flags stolen

Mr. Cortis was en route to the White House according to his video testimony. The incident likely took place between 8 AM and 9 AM on Friday morning.

At the time the video was published Mr. Cortis was still waiting for the police to arrive. This will likely strand him in Virginia as he was traveling to the Washington, DC area from Livonia, MI, according to his Facebook profile.

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