The Hollywood Conservative Strongly Defends The President, Slams The New York Times

Where to even begin? First and foremost, Donald Trump is indeed our president. There’s no need for quotations. He won nearly 63 million votes in November, in case liberals need another reminder. En route to victory, President Trump won union strongholds like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Not since the days of Ronald Reagan have we seen such crossover appeal. And, yes, he was democratically elected—even if liberal blowhards like Blow question it.

Second, why exactly is this “a time of terror?” If anything, the president is making it a priority to confront radical Islamist groups who have committed actual acts of terrorism. For the first time ever, the U.S. military is launching strikes on ISIS training camps in Yemen. Dozens of Islamic State militants were recently killed by U.S. airstrikes. Moreover, ISIS has officially lost control of Raqqa, the group’s self-declared capital in Syria, to U.S.-backed forces.

And Americans have President Trump to thank. From the travel ban to its rejection of the disastrous Iran deal, the Trump administration has prioritized our national security above all else—whether Blow wants to believe it or not.

But to evoke Adolf Hitler—the most reviled dictator in the history of the world—is a bridge too far, even for the New York Times. Mentioning his name in the same sentence as our president is not only intellectually dishonest—which even Blow acknowledges—but also insulting to the innocent civilians who suffered under the Nazi regime and their family members, who continue to cope with the sheer evil of Nazi atrocities.

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