Trump 2020 Opponent Looking To Tamper With Your Vote

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t like the fact that Republicans did very well in 2010, and got to undo the Democrat gerrymandering that watered down your vote. Now, the potential 2020 contender wants to stack the deck against President Trump.

Fox News reports: 

Democrats have played catchup in state legislative races since the Republican wave eight years ago. And they are well aware that how states draw maps, based on the 2020 Census, could determine which party controls the U.S. House of Representatives and most state legislatures for years to come. Enter Holder and the group he chairs, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

The organization is focused on overhauling those maps and fighting the “gerrymandering” that in some cases favors Republicans. The goal is to back state Democratic candidates who could have a say in drawing new districts after 2020. Holder, while also mulling a 2020 presidential run, is now targeting a dozen states—four of which are expected to gain at least one congressional seat after the Census. Former President Barack Obama, Holder’s old boss, has also lent his name to the effort.

“In many states, governors and state senators elected to four-year terms will still be in office when new maps are drawn in 2021,” NDRC spokesman Patrick Rodenbush told Fox News. “That makes this a crucial year for redistricting.”- NDRC spokesman Patrick Rodenbush. The organization, which The Wall Street Journal reported will spend $35 million on campaigns and litigation in 2018, claims “the system is rigged” in favor of Republicans because of gerrymandering. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is spending another $35 million for 2018; and Forward Majority, a Democratic super PAC, plans to spend more than $20 million on state legislative ads, the Journal reported.

Holder is targeting Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. If Democrats do well in 2020, not only will they have beaten President Trump, they will make it as hard as possible for Republicans to win in those key states, giving them at least ten years of dominance until the 2030 census prompts the next redistricting cycle. This is a big deal, as the top Obama official wants to engineer Democrat victories for the foreseeable future before you even have a chance to disagree and vote otherwise.

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