Anti-Trump CNN Reporter Gets Schooled By Her Network

That awkward moment when your own network calls you out on your #FakeNews.

Townhall has the story: 

April Ryan, White House Correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, stepped on a rake this afternoon claiming that President Trump was being booed when he was on the South Lawn to deliver remarks in a celebration for America. The event was originally going to be with the Philadelphia Eagles, the winners of last year’s Super Bowl championship game. They were disinvited by Trump over their position concerning the national anthem, and for the fact that reportedly only a handful of players planned on showing up. There are conflicting reports concerning the reasons why the White House rescinded the invitation. 

During the celebration of America event, Ryan, in a now deleted tweet, said, “Breaking: Reporters on the South Lawn have confirmed the @realDonaldTrump was heckled and booed when he came out to celebrate America.” This was not true. There was a heckler who was shouting at the president and was booed as a result. Noah Gray, a White House producer for CNN, called her out; Ryan is also a political analyst for the network. 

“This is not true. There was a protester who shouted at Trump and was booed,” he said. Ryan later offered a correction. So, this was a fake news story. No wonder why Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said her credibility was higher than that of the media’s today. 

April Ryan has been the source of all sorts of nutty questions over the past year. She recently asked if the Trump administration supported slavery, and frequently asks irrelevant, racially charged questions. She surely doesn’t agree with President Trump taking the fight to the NFL on kneeling and disrespecting the national anthem. Still, it’s priceless that CNN of all people called out her fakeness. 

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